Polysol is Poly Vinyl Acetate Emulsion that imparts body, handle and stiffness to cotton, synthetic and blended fabrics and interlining. Polysol is higher solid and active content polyvinyl acetate emulsion without plasticizer and it gives excellent body and stiffness to the fabric. Polysol is suitable for all types of fabrics.Polysol is basically used in bringing stiff finish during the finishing process of the fabric. The fabric remains stiff even after several washes.
MINSOL 5000 Hard PVA with no plasticizer, best for collar bonding , book fold ,etc
MINSOL 5003 Hard PVA with good plasticizer
MINSOL 5007 Hard PVA with good plasticizer
MINSOL 5516 Hard PVA with excellent plasticizer for textile suiting’s
MINCOAT 45-333 For binding woods, laminates veneers, etc

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