printing involves the production of a predetermined coloured pattern on a fabric, usually with a definite repeat. It can be described as a localised form of dyeing, applying colorant to selected areas of the fabric to build up the design. Textile Printing, like Textile dyeing, is a process for applying color to a substrate. However, instead of coloring the whole substrate (cloth, carpet or yarn) as in dyeing, print color is applied only to defined areas to obtain the desired pattern.
MINPRINT CCL conc High fast Printing fixer, khadi applicable
MINPRINT LFP Low formaldehyde, Printing fixer
MINPRINT NFP No-Least formaldehyde Printing & coating fixer
MINPRINT HDN Loop fixation accelerator for superheated steam for disperse
MINPRINT KBI Print penetrating agent
MINPRINT ADTN Silicate cum gum removal washing off agent stable in hard water with chelating action, dispersing for paste
MINPRINT SOFT Pigment Softener specially for flock
MINPRINT KL-SOF6 Khadi Softener cum emulsifier
MINPRINT TH 100 H/C Synthetic Thickener for pigment printing (1-1.2%dose)
MINPRINT TH 100 Conc Synthetic Thickener for pigment printing (1.5-1.8 %dose)
MINPRINT DFM300 Defoamer for print and coating paste
MINPRINT DFM300 H/C Defoamer for print and coating paste
MINPRINT EPC Screen antichocking agent
MINCOAT HDNT  Anti-Tack - Additive to reduce tackiness in coating
MINPRINT THR/THC Thickener for reactive print (for rayon/cotton)

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